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Cheap VS Expensive? Know Price Effect

cheap_VS_Expensive_dryer People have been asking if investing in an expensive hair dryer is really worth it. Like spending all your money for a dryer is worth it. For most people it is certainly a yes, why? Because when it comes to beauty products’ spending a lot of money means having the perfect product. We have that kind of mentality of investing more money to a product means more good services that you can have. A lot of reviews have been talking about this one. According to some why go for a high priced dryer when you can buy a cheaper one when the same features.

I did some of my investigation and found out that when you invest on a hair dryer it is very important to look the features first and what things you can get on that specific hair dryer. There is this one user that says that “there is a huge difference between a high end hair dryers rather than a cheaper one.” Of course there is, there is a huge difference on both products.

THE AC’s and DC’s

First, let us compare the motor that they are using (AC/ DC). The motor is an important element to consider when buying a dryer because it produces the power of the airflow the hair dryer produces. Not only that, it is also the machine that is used why your hair dryer is working. DC motor has been used originally since hair dryers first appeared in the market. Since DC is considered as the oldie it can somehow be hard to control and can produce too much noise that will somewhat annoy you. Now the noises that the hair dryer produces is also an important thing to consider when buying a hair dryer, that is why the AC motor has been invented. AC motor is a powerful motor that most companies used for their hair dryers. So if you are looking for a hair dryer that can produce a powerful airflow that doesn’t produces that much sound, well this fella here will do the work for you. But a hair dryer with an AC motor is quite pricey rather than the DC.


We all know that cheap hair dryer doesn’t dry your hair faster rather than the expensive one. Inexpensive hair dryers works well with fine or thin hair, well how about for thick hair? Is it still worth it to but a cheaper one? Most inexpensive hair dryers comes only with the “on and off” button but without all the settings that you need. On the other hand, a pricey professional hair dryer could definitely have all the settings that you need for your hair, from temperature settings to styling settings. You can also decide how much heat to put into your hair thus you can easily adjust the temperature you prefer throughout the heating process.


Other than the two mentioned things to consider, there are also a lot of things to look for when buying a hair dryer. Like the life or longevity  of the hair dryer. Inexpensive hair dryer tends to break easily rather than the pricey one. Since it uses cheaper materials there is a huge possibility that the hair dryer won’t last long resulting for you to buy 2 to 3 hair dryers every year which will defeat the goal of saving money while a pricey hair dryer will probably last a year or two Also you should consider if the hair dryer can dry your hair fast even if it’s thin or thick because you want to consider not only saving money but also saving your time drying.

There are a lot of different great hair dryers to choose from. As time goes by, hair dryers become cheaper and more affordable. The article doesn’t really say that you should spend a lot to have an excellent hair dryer but it is a guide for you to know what the differences are. As I have said there are cheaper hair dryers that has features same as the pricey one. Just be careful on what you choose and know what is safer to use.

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