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Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer Review & Ratings

elchim 3900 hair dryer reviews

Between work, going to the gym, and chasing after my little one – I found myself washing my hair excessively thus leading to more dry time. I have friend my hair more times than I can count with even lead thinning. After countless hydration products and haircuts, my hair is a lot healthier now.

With that being said, blow drying your hair doesn’t have to cause that much damage as there are products that can keep hair nice and healthy while still keeping its style. While searching for the best hair dryer, which lead me to the Elchim Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer. Hope this Elchim 3900 healthy ionic hair dryer review will be sufficient enough to help in choosing right dryer.

Elchim, the advanced Italian brand and international bestseller is known to offer durable and innovative hair tools that provide optimum results. When it comes to ease of use, lightweight, and overall design, the sleek black hairdryer brings quite a bit of value.

​Elchim 3900 Healthy lonic Hair Dryer Complete Review

​The Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic hair heats up your hair just right and blows a great amount of heavy air to ensure a thorough dry, even with thick coarse hair. When it comes to weight, this dryer was designed to distribute weight along the unit to reduce the risk of wrist strain.

Works Best For​

Due to the high number of watts, this device is ideal for thick and coarse hair but its low settings offers powerful results for thin and fine hair. This is a great dryer for those with frizzy hair as this model allows you to control the temperature and speed to reduce any results of frizz.​

Features of Elchim 3900 Healthy lonic Hair Dryer


The professional dryer features up to 2,000 watts on the highest setting which greatly speeds up drying time. The faster the dryer is, the higher the volume will be achieved. With good speed, your hair will chance voluminous hair with bounce and luster. The low settings will provide enough power, yet will not damage fine and thin hair.

The Elchim 3900 dryer provides the basic 2 power settings of low and high as it offers a cold air shot button as well. This is especially beneficial to keeping your style intact while protecting your hair from over heat and damage. Another great feature is the negative ion which helps eliminates static that prevents frizzy hair all over the place.


The sleek design of the Elchim 3900 healthy ionic features ionic ceramic technology helps dry hair fast and reduce frizz. We like how this hair dryer offers both ceramic and ionic technology which is rare in most products. It features a non-slip grip with an 8-foot power cord which in the average length of most hair dryers. There is also a small hook to hang the dryer and save space.

Noise Control

The Elchim 3900 drier is known for its low noise level despite being a highly powerful device. Users commend its quiet motor as it still offers a hot run with predictable airflow.

Weight & Size

As the weight of the dryer is very important when it comes to drying the hair properly, many users prefer a lightweight model. The downside to most lightweight units is the lightweight heating and air flow. With the Elchim unit, it is very light and easy to use especially with the right heat setting.


The professional dryer provides two concentrator nozzles: a wide nozzle that allows direct air straight to a large section of hair while a narrow nozzle uses a direct approach. The Elchim Healthy Ionic 3900 dryer provides the right speed and air speed to fit any hair type and style. The cool shot setting is available for setting the style as well as for drying hair at low temperatures.


The Elchim’s lifetime warranty is one of the most standout features it has as it is the best warranty available for a hair device. We can’t name many professional dryers that do offer a lifetime warranty as most are usually covered for 2-3 years. Several users who have owned the dryer for more than 5 years suggest how hard working it is as it did when first purchased.

Pros: Why We Like It

We like how lightweight the Elchim model as and how easy it is to maneuver. The heating element is ionic ceramic technology which prevents any hot spots and results in an even level of heat distribution. A major plus to this blow dryer is the lifetime warranty. We like how impressive the company support is as users have reported to direct and fast responses to their inquiries.

Another great point to this dryer is the offers great air flow that doesn’t over power and leaves your hair much more manageable to style compared to other hair dryers.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

A downside to this unit that we don’t like is how the hair dryer does not include a diffuser, which many users with thick hair require. Some users may prefer heat or wind as they don’t like the extra strength in the wind.


The price of the Elchim 3900 is a bit higher compared to those that cost a fraction of the unit as well as many may naturally expect a deluxe package with added materials for the cost. The unit does have its upsides as the relatively cheap dryers may only last a few months up to a few years while the Elchim is said to last up to five years.​


This blow dryer is comes readily available in multiple colors which includes red, blue and black. If you are definitely willing to pay a premium price for a quiet, lightweight blow dryer than offers high performance and gorgeous salon-quality results. It is truly one of the best on the market as it helps dry hair quickly while adding moisture back into the hair.

Overall, The Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic is one of the most powerful dryers in its class that promises great results for all types of hair with an amazing warranty and design to bring comfort and stability to its user for the years to come.

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