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Top 5 Hair Dryers For Your Natural Hair

best dryer for natural hairEveryone dreams about having a natural beautiful hair, but choosing the best hair dryer for natural hair can be a very difficult task. Especially when you have natural treated hair, it can be sensitive rather than the ones which already went to a lot of treatment chemically. You tend to have a natural shiny and healthy hair. There are a lot of hair dryers to choose from but it is hard to find what perfect hair dryer should it be.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a hair dryer which is good for the sensitivity of your natural beautiful hair. First, you have to carefully choose the exact wattage and technology used in the hair dryer. Ceramic and ionic technology is one of the best things to consider in a hair dryer for your natural hair. Next is the heat setting, heat setting is one of the most important things or feature you need to consider in a hair dryer since it is a crucial way to avoid any heat damage, well ceramic actually maintains and balance the heat in a hair dryer.

Below is a list of the most recommended hair dryer for natural hair.


1. Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic –

Conair 1875 Watt TourmalineThe 1875 watt powered hair dryer is one the most recommended hair dryer for natural hair dryer because of its powerful motor enough to dry your hair faster without making any damages. The most interesting feature of this hair dryer is its ionic technology which comes from the tourmaline ceramic heat produced by the hair dryer.

The features of this hair dryer reduce frizz and damage on hair. This hair dryer has two speed and heat settings which you can adjust when drying your hair.

It has a cold shut button which can quickly set your hair in any styles. It has a concentrator which you can use for straightening your hair and a diffuser which you can use for curling and adding volume to your hair. The Conair tourmaline ceramic weighs 1.5 pounds which you can consider to be lightweight so you can enjoy drying your hair without hurting your arms or hands. And it for easy usage it has non-slip grip for easy handling.

Check it here – https://www.conair.com/c/1c2c14/1875watt-tourmaline-ceramic-styler/84

2. Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium –

Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium DryerIt has an AC motor that increases its efficiency on drying natural or curly hair without further damages. Babyliss is known to be the world of leader for hair products. This powerful hairdryer features tourmaline technology which emits ions which can result to a shinier and gorgeously smoother hair. It has far infrared heat which can help you drying your hair without damaging it.

It consists of 6 heat and speed settings to control your desired temperature and styles. It also has a cold shut button to lock in styles, a 9 foot chord which is flexible. This model released by Babyliss has a lot of professional features that can help you dry your beautiful natural hair without damaging it.

Check it here – https://www.babylisspro.com/product.php?pcID=204_163&product_id=124


3. One ‘n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Dryer –

One ‘n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Dryer for natural hairWhat makes this hair dryer great for natural hair is that it contains the qualifications needed for a great blow dryer. This AC motored hair dryer is powered with 1875 watts, powerful enough to dry your hair faster. This hair dryer is also lightweight which can be easier for you to use without hurting your arm or hand. It features ceramic an ionic technology for shinier hair.

The ceramic technology in this hair dryer is infused with argan oil which results to a more beautiful, softer, shinier and frizz free hairstyle.

This hair dryer has three heat settings and two speed settings where you can control the hair dryers’ temperature, a cold shot button to set and lock in styles, a concentrator nozzle to straighten out your hair.

Check it here – https://www.one-n-only.com/catalog.php?pcID=5_6&products_id=17


4. RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional –

RUSK Engineering Speed FreakThis hair dryer is one of the best releases by RUSK which can definitely dry your hair without any damages. This hair dryer is great for drying natural hair because of its features which are not damaging to your hair. This hair dryer is using advanced technology which promotes healthier and shinier salon like finish. The RUSK Speed Freak uses far-infrared technology which emits natural ions to dramatically reduce your hair drying time.

It also has tourmaline ceramic technology which helps eliminates frizz and locks in moisture while drying your hair. It utilizes pure tourmaline gemstones which are infused in its ceramic grill which can enhance drying while giving you smoother hair.

This hair dryer comes with 7 heat and speed settings where you can adjust the hair dryers’ temperature, a removable filter, a cool shot button to lock in styles and attachments for styling and it is also shock proof and durable which makes this hair dryer lasts longer to use.

See it here – https://www.rusk1.com/catalog.php?product_id=597

5. Remington T/Studio Silk Dryer –
remington for frizzy hairThe Remington T Studio Silk dryer is considered to be one of the best when it comes to natural hair. The brand uses advance technology not only that, this hair dryer is also budget-friendly which can definitely save you money. This professional dryer is powered with 1875 wattage which is powerful enough to save you time drying.

Get gorgeous results with the features that it offers such as silk ceramic and ionic technology which can give you a shinier and smoother hair. The ceramic grill used in this hair dryer is infused with silk proteins that can help you achieve a silky and healthier salon like hair. The product includes a lot of features that can help you dry your natural hair without damaging it.

This hair dryer also has three heat and speed settings for you to be able to adjust it to your desired temperature, a cool shot function to lock in styles, attachments which include concentrator nozzle and diffuser that can be easily connected to the hair dryers’ nozzle.

More – https://www.remingtonproducts.com/womens/haircare/professional-ionic-ceramic-hair-dryer.aspx 

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