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About Heat and Power Consumption

dryer_heat_power_consumptionHair dryers are a wonderful beauty tool. Unfortunately, they tend to use large amounts of electricity to function effectively. Even a low wattage dryer (e.g. an 1800 watt machine) will hike your power bill if used every day. For this reason, many people resort to curling irons and hair straighteners to reduce energy usage.

If you are curious about how much power your specific model uses, try this handy calculation tool. You can work out how much it will cost you to run your hair dryer for your personal needs.

Does heat affect power consumption?

The simple answer is, yes. Using heat when drying your hair increases the power that you use. Blowing out cold air takes less power than heating the air, and then lowing it out. A high wattage dryer with heat drains more power than most other small appliances. Keeping that hair beautiful can be an expensive pursuit!

How to reduce power use when drying your hair

Some simple changes in the way you dry your hair and when you use your dryer can reduce your power costs. You don’t need to give up the hair dryer if you use it wisely.

  • Use as little heat as possible. Most of the work can be done with cold air. When you want to set your style, introduce heat.
    Always choose low over high heat settings. The difference is huge. A 1400 watt dryer only uses about 400 watts to run on a low setting.
  • Towel dry your hair gently but vigorously before drying. The more water you remove, the less you need to use the dryer.
  • If you want a less structured look, don’t dry your hair completely with your hair dryer. Leave the last bit of moisture to air dry after applying a smoothing serum. This a great solution for wavy hair that tends to frizz.
  • Only use your dryer when you actually need to. You don’t need to blow dry your hair Evey day. Your style will last 2 to 3 days after a good blow dry and a little reshaping after sleep.
  • Use the extensions on your hair dryer. A diffuser can speed up drying time for thick hair, and a concentrator will allow you to focus on your roots if you are happy to let the length air dry.
  • If you are going to use heat on your dryer constantly, you need to become an efficient dryer. Invest in a good quality hairbrush, and separate your hair into sections to speed the process up.

Power-friendly hair dryers

There are some options out there which claim to be power-friendly. Many of these dryers are simply low wattage, which doesn’t solve the problem of effectively seeing your hair without breaking the bank. If you are looking for a dryer that actually reduces consumption, look for a new technology brand. Ionic dryers speed up drying time, while there are ceramic and tourmaline options that utilize infrared heat to reduce power consumption. Do your research. The brand you are interested in may have been compared to similar dryers. You can also check other hair dryer buying consideration here.

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