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Top 10 Quiet Blow Dryers That Work Without Noise

quitest hair dryerWe all know that most hair dryers makes loud sounds and its kinda annoying to start your day with such. Especially when you have a kid or you live with your family, having this kind of dryer would definitely wake them up. That’s why having the term “quietest blow dryer” is kinda trendy right now when it comes to these products.

Well a quiet blow dryer is really an advantage and helpful to use. The nice peaceful sound that comes out of it would start your day great not only that, it can also be a healthy way to dry hair because it won’t expose your ear to too much noise.

Now, here is the list of top Quiet blow dryers .

1. Revlon Quiet Pro Ionic Hair Quiet Dryer

Revlon Quiet Pro Ionic Hair DryerWell, from the name itself quiet, the Revlon Quiet Pro Ionic is a fast hair drying product that produces less sound. It could actually makes sound quieter than your average hair dryer.

This 1875 powered hair dryer is engineered to help users to dry their hair faster but with less sounds and less frizz.

The Ionic Technology used in the dryer could help you get some smooth silky finish. This cheap hair dryer features a cold shot button lock em up styles, heat and speed settings, a concentrator and attachments for volume and styles.

2. Conair 1875W Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer

Conair 1875W Ionic ConditioningIt seems that a lot of Conair products are leading the industry. From fast drying to smooth frizz free hair finish, definitely Conair is leading on top of it. The Conair 1875W ionic hair dryer offers fast hair drying without producing to much noise.

This inexpensive hair dryer has features that a professional hair dryer has. Imagine the savings that you can get?

It comes with 2 speed and 2 heat settings to help optimize power, a cold shot button and hang ring for easy storage. It has natural ions that can help you get a smooth silky finish and reduce frizz.


3. Bio Ionic Whisper Light Pro-Dryer

Bio Ionic Whisper Light Pro quite blow dryerHave you’ve ever heard a hair dryer that has a sound like whisper in your ear? Well the Bio Ionic Whisper Light is powered by 1400W but can dry your hair faster while preventing your hair from any frizz with more shine.

And also the good thing about this dryer is not just it’s super quiet but it’s also ultra lightweight so you can enjoy drying your hair without tiring your arms.

Exclusively, this dryer has Nano Ionic Technology that emits natural negative ions that hydrates your hair and gives it shine and smoothness.


4. Chi Touch  Hair Dryer

Chi Touch Hair DryerThis 1800 watts hair dryer is loved by most users and consumers not only that it would dry your hair fast but also gives a peaceful and quiet noise.

Although it looks large and the only thing that comes to your mind is that “this hair dryer must be heavy”, don’t get yourself wrong because it has an ultra light weight design so you can enjoy drying your hair.

It features a touch screen so you can use it easily, a long chord with a tie for easy storage and a concentrator. It also has ions for shiny hair so you can have salon finish hair without spending too much.

5. Berta Professional Folding Dryer

Berta quitest blow dryerThis professional hair dryer is powered with 1875W and a dual voltage. It is also a handy dryer because of its folding handle for travelling and easy storage.

This dryer is fast drying and also produces low noise at the same time. It has tourmaline technology for even heat to help fight frizz and natural ions that brings out natural shine and a much healthier hair.

The dryer comes with 2 heat and speed setting for 125V, 1 heat and speed for 250V , cool shot for setting and locking in style, a hanging loop for easy storage and of course, a concentrator for styles. The ultra lightweight design that this dryer has can help you enjoy drying yourr hair and it also is sleek and classy.

6. Solia Superhot Hair Dryer

Solia Superhot Hair DryerSolia Hair Dryer is one of the most recommended dryer when it comes to giving low sounds. It has an 1875 wattage which can make your hair dry faster but this fella may be a little too hot at times. It can actually dry your hair faster than you average hair dryer which can help you save time.

It light so you can easily use and handle the dryer and it has a chord tie for easy storage. It also consists of nozzles and concentrator, a cold shot button, a heat and speed setting.


7. Centrix Q-Zone Dryer

Centrix Q-Zone Dryer quitest dryerCentrix hair dryer has technology that greatly reduce salon noise pollution and insanely gives quiet sounds. This product is lightweight and uses high performance motor so you can dry your hair faster and easier. For a healthier and smoother finish this product uses ionic technology which gives out negative ions and tourmaline technology for manageable and even heat.

It doesn’t produce high pitched noisy sound which well, most of the users are annoyed from. It also comes with a concentrator, a heat and speed setting so you can adjust the motor in your preferred way possible.

You can use it with a very low speed so its much more quiet and even if you set the spped higher it also doesn’t emit much noisy sound.

8. Andis Micro Turbo Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

Andis Micro Turbo silent blow dryerWell Andis is known for their finest quality hair and styling equipment for a very long time. Just like the Berta Folding Hairdryer, this hair dryer also comes with dual voltage purposed for travelling.

Its 1600 watts power can make you hair dry faster but the good thing is it doesn’t gives out to much sound.

It has 2 speed and heat settings to control your results for better styling , it has compact design so you can easily bring it on the road while travelling, and yes it comes with a Lifeline shock protection. Generally, this hair dryer can give you a gorgeous looking hair with its great price.

9. VAV Blow Dryer 1875W Negative Iron Professional Hair Dryer

VAV Blow Dryer 1875W Negative IronVAV is a powerful 1875 watt hair dryer that comes with negative ions that breaks down water molecules which results to super-fast hair drying while reducing dryness and damages on your hair.

The ions also gives shine to hair and smoothness that you can achieve through salons.

It has 2 speed settings which are high and low, 3 heat settings which are high, medium and low for the temperatures you can choose for your hair type. It also features cool shot button for styles and a concentrator for volume.

10. MHD Professional Salon Quality 1875w Ionic Hair Dryer

MHD Professional quite dryerMost consumers says that this product is the best blow dryer from MHD. Featuring an 1875 watt motor for powerful airflow that can definitely dry your hair faster than you average hair dryer. Even though it has a powerful wattage, it’s able to dry your hair while producing minimal noise. Isn’t that great? This MHD hair dryer uses far-infrared heat for a manageable even heat and ionic technology to eliminate frizz resulting for a perfect smooth style for all types of hair.

The model has an airflow concentrator and diffuser for styling and touch-ups and attachments to add volume and minimize frizz. It is designed for on the go people, with its easy grip and professional hook it can definitely make your life easier and simple.

One must know that its far too complicated to choose the right hair dryer to buy. Some has great features but not quiet some don’t. The products above are the most recommended product or most suggested product from hair experts. And always remember that i always depends on what of hair you have and preferences you need.

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