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5 Best Professional Hair Dryers That Offers Salon Quality Blowouts at Home!

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There are a too many kinds of hair dryers to choose from, so many users are finding it hard and complicated to choose what hair dryer to buy. A lot of people think that it is best to invest t a cheap hair dryer then buy a new later rather than investing to a pricey one which you can use for a lifetime. They tend to look at the price without even knowing what they can get on the product. But that doesn’t mean that you should not buy a much cheaper hair dryer. The important thing to always remember is that you should look to the things that hair dryer has and what it can do to your hair rather than just the price itself. Not all hair dryer types are designed or created the same. So you should know, truly with yourself what you need for your hair.

Professional hair dryers are the best type of hair dryer if your looking for an “all around” hair dryer. The best professional blow dryers has advanced features and all the necessary features to achieve a salon like hair. From ceramic technology for even distribution of heat to ionic and tourmaline technology for shinier and smoother finish.

Here’s is our Top Rated Professional Hair Dryers that are affordable too!

We’ve analyzed many user reviews and add up all the most recommended professional hair dryers from experts and as well as users.

1. Turbo Power Turbo 1500 Pro Hair Dryer –

turbo1500-professional-hair-dryerThis professional hair dryer is recommended for all types of hair. Powered with 1500 wattage this dryer sure can dry your faster without any frizz. It uses ceramic and tourmaline technology for even heat distribution which won’t do any damages in your hair.

It has an ionic technology which emits negative ions to smoothen up your hair which will result to a healthier and shinier salon like finish. It features 5 heat settings that you can use to adjust the temperature, 2 speed setting that you can us for styling, a removable stainless steel filter for easy cleaning and a flexible cord.


2. Elchim Dress code Dryer 

Elchim Dress code DryerThe Elchim Dress code dryer is an Italian made hair dryer which is powered up with 2000 watts AC motor. Most consumer says that this dryer is the most powerful retail dryer available.

Consists of ceramic technology which emits far-infrared heat that dries your hair inside out without any damages and more shine. It also consists of ionic technology that dries hair faster than your average hair dryer does while adding shine and eliminates frizz.

It has an ergonomic handle so that you can handle the dryer easily and to balance its weight, also its handles are rubberized to avoid the dryer from slipping off. It features speed and heat settings, a cold shot button, a free diffusers and guess what, it has a lifetime warranty.


3. Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Professional Hair Dryer –

Panasonic Hair Dryer with NanoeThe Panasonic Nanoe Professional hair dryer is a power nanoe ionic hair dryer that has an advanced nanoe ionic technology which makes hair dry faster and easier. The 1875 powered hair dryer draws natural ions for moisture and contains more ions and moisture unlike the regular ionic hair dryers. The nanoe moisture particles distributed by this professional hair dryer will give shine and smoothness on your hair and it also shields your hair from over drying and damages.

For best results, the hair dryer also has a ceramic technology for even distribution of heat. It features three heat settings so you can adjust it whatever you like, two speed settings for volume, a quick-dry nozzle for adjustable airflows, a concentrator nozzle for airflow focus. This dryer also features a cold shut button for locking in styles , it is heavy duty with a rotating chord and a removable filter for easy cleaning.

4. Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium Dryer –

Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium DryerThe Babyliss Pro Tourmaline hair dryer is a 1900 powered hair dryer has it rubberized finish for a comfortable grip and reduces stress on your hand, so you’ll enjoy drying your hair. The powerful and fast hair drying model will satisfy you with its smooth finish and healthier looking locks. Since Babyliss Pro is known as world leader in hair care and styling tools, of course, you’ll be expecting something with this product.

Featuring a tourmaline technology the hair dryer emits ions or rather, millions of ions for gorgeously shinier and smoother hair. It also has far-infrared heat for faster drying without damaging your hair.

The hair dryer consists of 6 heat and speed setting to control the temperature and styles, a cold shot button to lock in style and a 9 foot chord which is flexible. This professional hair dryer has features and attributes which makes it unique and favorite of professionals.

5. Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer –

Solano Supersolano 3500 LiteThis hair dryer is designed with a super velocity high-performance motor. Solano Supersolano is an 1800 watt professional hair dryer that is both lightweight and powerful so you can enjoy drying your hair with hurting your arm or hand. It has ceramic technology which distributes heat more evenly and far-infrared heat which can dry your hair faster inside out. Tourmaline and ionic technology which adds shine and keeps your hair smooth. This hair dryer is durable that you can use it for a very long time. Imagine investing on this dryer will save you because it will take a very long time for you to replace it.

The product has a low electromagnetic field for improved environmental conditions, three temperature settings which you can adjust on which you preferred to, two speed settings for volume and styles and a cold shut button. It also has a long chord with a hang ring for easy storage and a removable filter to avoid clogs and easy cleaning.

In conclusion… We should buy a hair dryer which suits you the best and most importantly, it is also good to check different hair dryer reviews about its features, the pros and cons so that you are also aware about the product of your selection. This article is just a guide for you and some highly recommended hair dryers you can choose from.

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